CELLweaver onboard unit: €9,500

Amplifiers (optional): €5,500

• Standard antenna installation without amplifiers covers 6-7 Nautical Miles (11-13km) distance to shore. This usually covers all anchor places close to shore.
• CELLweaver Range Extenders (RX) allow to increase distance to shore up to 25 Nautical Miles (46 km). This usually covers all locations where the vessel is while having guests onboard.


Installation: €1,150 plus small parts (antennas, cables etc) and travel & accommodation.

Data Centre and Support subscription: €1,150/month

(Annual contract with an option to suspend for 4 months if no guests onboard). This subscription covers warranty and firmware upgrades as well.

SIM data – Europe and worldwide coverage

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Higher data packages are available upon request as well as pricing for other worldwide locations.