MY Pelorus (115m)

I have been putting the system through some tests and it is handling everything I can throw at it with ease…

Some of the very impressive results I have experienced include:

Full HD streams on Apple TV play with zero buffer time.
Jetstream plays faultlessly at its highest bitrate (something I have never seen on any other connection)
Youtube/Vimeo streams load and play instantly. Even when playing in 4K!
With the low latency the response time is lightning quick so the time between hitting enter and a webpage loading is milliseconds as opposed to the normal delay of 3-4 seconds when using VSAT.

– Geoff Bromilow, ETO

MY Radiant (110m)

Overall we’ve been very impressed with the CELLweaver system. We’ve tried various other sim based 4g routers and such on-board Radiant and they all had downsides which outnumbered the benefits so we were reluctant to try Cell weaver at first due to our understanding of GSM networks and how intermittent they can be.

CELLweaver were fantastically helpful, they loaned us a demo unit with 3 simcards installed just for testing whilst we were in not a great 4G service area (2 bars of 4). Yet with 3 sims we were receiving over 80mbit of downlink and 30mbit of uplink in most of our tests, as one can imagine it would be more with 4 sims and better service reception.

The other advantage is the routing they configure at the datacentre side of the network, it provides the CELLweaver with a UK IP in our case (they can configure other locales, Russian, American etc.) which means we can receive all the UK services, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime streaming etc. without any extra VPN software or proxies. These services can be used from anywhere in the world the cell weaver worked which is a massive advantage.

One of the main disadvantages of normal 4G modems is the sim data package, usually you have a fixed amount and the service would stop when you ran out of data, then you’d have to insert new cards, or Top-Up the existing ones which can create downtime and frustrations for guests. The cell weavers SIM cards are not configured like this, Cell weaver has special agreements with providers & networks to allow the simcards to automatically top up, the end user sees no down time, it’s virtually seamless and will continue to top up as it’s used this is how we use the system on-board Radiant (Cell weaver can set limited data caps if this is not what you’d like, however)

– Ric Wright, AViT Enginner