4G / 5G Equipment

We can supply you with everything to get your yacht connected to the internet via mobile networks. From the antennas via cable up to the firewall. Our main products are:

CELLweaver SC with world coverage:

Our latest model of our very own premium hardware developement, the CELLweaver Supercharged covers coastal areas of around 7nm (13km) distance to shore with the standard installation. This usually covers 95% of the time with owner / guest / charter operations.
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CELLweaver SC RX
For EMEA or US

Our CELLweaver SC Range Xtender (RX) is our complementary amplifier. It increases the operational range off the shoreline to up to 22nm (40km) and strengthens the overall performance.

CELLweaver Compact
For EMEA or US

The CELLweaver Compact is our clever small form factor solution for all the yachts with no or very limited rackspace like smaller motoryachts and especially sailing yachts. It is based on well proven hardware from Teltonika and charged up with our agreggation software and service.